Workshops, Special Classes & Events

with Prarna Desai & Alisha Nissenfeld        Tuesday, March 20    10:00-11:30am

Breath-and-Gong21-1200x444This special class features chanting, meditation, and a gentle yoga practice co-taught by Prana Desai and Alisha Nissenfeld, culminating in a 20-minute extended savasana with a gong bath played live by Alisha. Gong baths offer a deeply nourishing and restorative experience. The Gong vibrates at the same frequency as the body, allowing students to experience healing on all levels of being as vibrations pass over and through them–leaving them feeling balanced, peaceful, and light. During this relaxing and rejuvenating experience, students are supported comfortably with bolsters and blankets. Aaahhh… Regular class pricing applies ($16 to drop in, or 1 class from your class package). Class size is limited. We encourage you to reserve a spot in advance. Note the 90 minute duration. Register

with Nicole Nichols                  Saturday, March 24      2:30-5:00pm

81[1]Join Nicole as the journey through the chakras moves to the mid-point, Anahata, the heart chakra. This center is about balance, love and relationship. To heal the heart is to join together mind and body, the divine and the mundane, self and other, and to heal the dis-ease of disconnect. We are driven by love. The basic right of the fourth chakra at the heart is to love and be loved. In this class we will explore the theory behind the heart chakra, and examine the many ways the heart can be accessed, opened and healed, by attending to the most vulnerable and sacred aspects of ourselves. Once we can drop the protective armor that keeps us bound in the ego, through understanding, we can move forward fully and embrace life and love fearlessly, confidently, openly. This workshop will include a heart opening asana sequence, with discussion. Participation in the previous workshops is not required–all are welcome! Please bring a notebook and a pen. $40 Register

with with Nicole Nichols          Saturday, April 28      2:00-4:30pm

Our journey through the chakras has reached Vissudha, the throat chakra. Located in the neck at the base of the throat, this chakra is the bridge between our highest thoughts and our heart’s desires, and is the center for creative self-expression. Healing the throat chakra allows us to communicate our thoughts and feelings, to ask for what we need, to express our truth without fear of judgment, to set boundaries, to make decisions and to listen deeply.
Join Nicole and explore the fifth chakra–we’ll start with sun salutations and flow into a series of asanas and practices that support, open, nurture and awaken Vissudha chakra. As we unblock energy around the throat, we’ll use mantra to facilitate the pulsation of prana. The forward-thinking mind may then work with the life-stream of the body to foster new ways of looking at the and approaching the world. This kind of creativity reveals infinite possibilities! Participation in the previous workshops is not required–all are welcome. $40

with with Daphne Dodson           Sunday, April 22      1:30-4:30pm

Biology and psychology experts alike recognize that our past experiences live within the body. We need only consider how our senses, like hearing an old song, return our thoughts to a previous time. When these past experiences are unconscious, we are unaware of how they impact our moods, our actions, and even our mental and physical wellbeing.

Join Dr. Daphne Dodson, a research psychologist, writer, and teacher of memoir-writing, and return to influential past experiences via Imaginal Remembering. Deep connection with the body is a critical component of this unique and guided psychological journey that invites memories to be witnessed as wise and meaningful images of the soul. When we engage with memories as lively and responsive images, rather than fixed representations of the past they can bring gifts of personal transformation, deep healing, and resplendent creativity.

In this workshop, you will:
•Understand the basic science and philosophy behind approaching memories as mental images influencing and influenced by the past, present, and future selves.
•Flow through an asana practice specifically designed to engage the embodied, revealing vital memories and their effects.
•Meet your own memory-images with curiosity and openness, accepting their potential gifts of transformation, creativity, and

Open to all. $45

*Those who register by 4/15 will recieve a free copy of Imaginal Remembering, a $17.99 value!

with Nicole Nichols                   Sunday, May 6      2:00-4:30pm

Prana is a Sanskrit word comprised of the syllables pra and an. ‘An’ means movement; ‘pra’ is a prefix meaning constant. Therefore, prana means “always moving.”

Join Nicole Nichols and uncover the mystery of Prana–the 5 vital winds (Vayus) moving in the body, which comprise our life force energy. In this workshop we’ll examine what they are, where they are, how they animate our thoughts, emotions, each breath and every moment. We will practice specific asana sequences for each vayu, with guided meditation and discussion, to explore how prana and asana work together to bring about that beautiful transformation in body, mind and spirit that keeps you coming back for more. All are welcome!

Please bring a notebook. $40

*Participants who are registered with Yoga Alliance may receive 2 CEUs for this workshop.

with Prarna Desai                      Saturday, May 12      2:30-4:00pm

Moms and tween/teen daughters: This Mother’s Day Weekend, join Prarna Desai, yogini and mother to three beautiful children, as we honor the mother/daughter bond with a a special all-levels, slow, jammy, balancing yoga practice with special mother-daughter partner poses to celebrate your connection. Feel like goddesses as we wind down the practice with rejuvenating restorative yoga and a heartfelt guided meditation and end with an extended savasana with live music and aromatherapy assists to leave you feeling rejuvenated and cared for.

$35 for the pair ($17.50 ea). Additional daughters may join for $10 ea, just give us a call to reserve an extra spot at the discounted price. Feel the love!

with Nicole Nichols                         Saturday, June 9      2:00-4:30pm

Our journey reaches its final destination at the top of the energy channel–the third eye and crown chakras, associated with our spiritual side and our relationship with our true self and the universe.

Ajna Chakra, located in the deep geometric center of the head, is associated with the element light, and the act of seeing. The third eye is the internal witness to imagination, inner vision, clairvoyance, intuition, dreams and psychic abilities. Here we enter a deeply internal state where we are seeing inside ourselves, inside our own mind. Seeing is a process of pattern recognition–to re-cognize, to know again, to begin to see the larger picture and where we fit in, and also to perceive the one-ness of being.

Sahasrara, at the crown, is the final door to consciousness, symbolized by a thousand petaled lotus flower. Here the element is the element of thought. Consciousness is beyond space and time, and is the guidance behind all that we see and do. Some say that this chakra is opened up to Heaven on the crown of the head, while other diagrams depict it as a downward facing lotus, whose thousand petals contain the nectar of consciousness which drops into the mind and body through the chakras, bringing illumination and enlightenment to our awareness.

Join Nicole Nichols for the final installment of the Chakra series as we wrap up our journey with theory, asana, pranayama and meditation.
Participation in the previous workshops is not required–all are welcome! $40