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Now Accepting Applications for our new
2019/2020 300-hour Advanced Teacher Training Program

Begins October 4, 2019

Enhance your teaching, deepen your understanding of how yoga works, and hone your professional skills with Republic of Yoga’s 300-hour Advanced Teacher Training. Designed for those who have completed a RYT 200-hour course (from any school), our program will guide you in cultivating your authentic voice as a yoga teacher, while providing specialized training and tools for personal transformation and growth as a yoga professional or healer in the community. This course is also ideal for the yoga enthusiast who is not a yoga teacher and wishes to continue learning.

Upon successful completion of this course you will have fulfilled the requirements for certification at the 500-hour level through Yoga Alliance.

This training will meet one weekend a month in our beautiful Cary studio beginning October 2019, and ending in December 2020 (we will not meet during the month of April).
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We’re Now Accepting Applications for our
5-star Rated
200-hour Teacher Training Program
Begins January 24th, 2020


Republic of Yoga’s vinyasa-based teacher training offers a balanced and insightful presentation of what Yoga is, how it works, and why it works. This unique, immersive learning experience is taught by studio co-owners Nicole Nichols & Julie Franklin. Special guest faculty includes Julee Snyder, Jennifer Campbell-Overbeeke, Dani Leah Strauss and other practtioners with a broad variety of experience.

Our 200-Hour Yoga Alliance registered program presents the foundations of traditional Hatha Yoga techniques and ancient philosophy in conjunction with Tibetan Buddhist principles. This insightful and modern approach immerses students in the study of yoga while enriching their practice on and off the mat. Our training consists of over 190 hours of class time and provides the tools to teach safe, creative and well-informed yoga classes. It is for those who aspire to deepen their knowledge of Hatha Yoga and to understand why the practice is valuable beyond the physical experience of asana. Our students leave the program with a deep knowledge of how yoga can lead to happy, balanced, and integrated lives.
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with Bethany Ranftl
Thursdays   5:00-6:15pm
Saturdays   11:30am-12:45pm

Prenatal yoga classes offer a sweet space to nurture your relationship with your growing baby. Curated sequences, modifications and meditations are developed for the specific needs of expectant mothers. Cultivate mindfulness and relaxation techniques that can be incorporated throughout your pregnancy, and build energy and endurance while strengthening your body for labor and delivery. Bethany Renee Ranftl is a 200-Hour RYT and PRYT and doula, who specializes in pre and postnatal yoga. Her classes are known for intuitive and supportive individualized attention.

with Teagan Greene
Tuesdays 4:15-5:15pm

Finally, a class just for teenagers, taught by someone who understands teenagers better than anyone–another teenager! Join 200-Hr RYT Teagan Green for a weekly class in a non-competitive environment, designed to address and relieve the pressures that many teenagers face today.

Course material will include posture and alignment, measuring the student’s own success, goal planning, and an environment in which students may recognize where they can grow and where they already thrive. Self-empowerment, positive self-image and body awareness are offered through stress relieving poses and quick stress relieving techniques, to foster self acceptance and compassion.

Meditation and quieting the mind will develop the student’s connection to their own world (social media isn’t everything!) and bring awareness to the effect their behavior has on others and vice versa.

Designed specifically for ages 11 to 18, the class will focus on self-empowerment and acceptance, goal making, poses that relieve tension in the body from sitting in chairs during school, time to disconnect from the internet and stress relieving techniques that can be used everywhere and anywhere. The age specificity allows tweens and teens their own space in the yoga studio.
60 minutes. $12

a special class with Julie Franklin
Friday, July 19

Would you like to develop a consistent yoga practice? Are you unsure about what poses to do in what order? Do you enjoy Vinyasa yoga (synchronized breath and movement)? Do you like to see progress in your yoga practice?
If you answered yes to any of these questions then Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is for you!

In the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga method, asanas (postures) are performed in a specific order, which has the effect of ‘unlocking’ the body in an intelligent and scientific way, each pose preparing the body for ones to come. Following a set sequence of poses each time allows you to fine-tune your alignment, and see progress in your practice as your body begins to find ease in the postures you once found difficult. It is a dynamic system that emphasizes the connection between breath and movement, designed to balance strength and flexibility, while focusing and calming the mind.

In this class, Julie Franklin will introduce you to the Primary Series sequence, and connecting the postures together with movement and breath. You will be taught the foundational postures of the primary series to start you on your journey of building a stable and peaceful self-practice.


75 minutes. Regular class pricing applies ($17 to drop in; or one class from your package).

with Ronen Divon
Monday, July 22

Continued by request! In this 5-week course, offered in 14 sessions, join Ronen Divon and learn the entire Short Yang Tai Chi form, also known as the Standard 24 Yang. Created in ancient China as a form of martial arts, today Tai Chi is mostly practiced as a form of slow exercise, to promote health and wellness that has mental, emotional and physical benefits.

In this Tai Chi course, we will start each session with a gentle warm-up followed by several Qi-Gong exercises (repetitive movements to cultivate energy in the body), and proceed to learn the Short Yang form, adding more steps in each consecutive session.

Whether you already practice Tai Chi and wish to learn this ancient art, or this is your first time learning about it, join Ronen for a free 30-minute information session that on Wednesday, July 17th at 7:30PM.

Course cost: $210.00 ($180 for returning students; contact to register with this option).

Dates: Meets Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 7:30-8:30PM: July 22, 24, 26, 31; August 2, 5, 12, 19, 23, 26, 30; September 6, 9, 13.

NOTE: Since this course is based on progression in learning the various steps, it is not possible to drop-in. You may miss a class and make it up the following session, but it is not recommended to miss more than one class consecutively.

* Cancellation policy applies (see website for details).

a special class with Ashley Nunn
Friday, July 26

Join Ashley Nunn for an all-levels slow flow asana practice followed by a 30 minute seated meditation. We will prepare the body and mind so that body, mind & spirit can fully open to the stillness within, to see things as they truly are, to experience the sublime bliss of presence!


75 minutes. Regular class pricing applies ($17 to drop in; or one class from your package).

with Julee Snyder
Saturday, July 27

The heat of the summer is upon us! Join Julee Snyder and take a break during the heat of the day to enjoy this cooling practice. Restorative yoga is a resting practice in which we use props to support a pose so that you may rest in it for 5-20 minutes without strain. While some slow practices have you at the edge of your stretch the whole time, restorative practice aims to reduce sensation so that you may pull your senses and your mind inward to a place of conscious rest and meditation.

Expect a cool room, soft music, and a soothing, calm voice to guide you through the practice. Rest into your bliss! $25

* Cancellation policy applies (see website for details).

with Ryan Roden-Corrent
Sunday, July 28

New to yoga and not sure where to begin? Look no further–we’ll start by gaining a basic understanding of what yoga is; then add a simple introduction of poses, with basic alignment and breath awareness that will prepare you to embark on a regular yoga practice. 75 minutes. FREE to new students! *PLEASE NOTE: Space is limited to 10 students, and for that reason it is open to first-time students only. Register

with Elena Weber
Saturday, August 3

Join Elena Weber and discover the power of using your breath to access higher realms of awareness. It is called conscious circular breathing. It is a deeply transformative breathing exercises that combines both Amazonian and Tibetan mystic traditions.

This type of breath work is a powerful healing tool that can shift long held patterns and beliefs from the body and mind. By accessing our breath in this way, we open up the energy channels in the body. Suppressed emotions, negative thought patterns, and unresolved stories are allowed to come up with the breath, processed, then released from our bodies. This process shifts patterns within us and transformation takes place at a cellular level. It gives us clarity in our lives and allows for deeper relationships with ourselves and with the world around us.

We all begin our lives in a primordial state of peaceful love and kindness and through breath work, it’s possible to return to that place.

Benefits of Breathwork:

  • To access healing and insight
  • To expand consciousness
  • To release stress or anxiety
  • To re-energize the body
  • To gain clarity and vision
  • To connect with higher forces / spirit guides


  • pregnancy
  • glaucoma
  • recent surgery
  • high blood pressure not controlled by medication
  • history of seizure not controlled by medication
  • schizophrenia or multiple personality disorder
  • please bring inhaler if you have asthma
  • mental illnesses particularly bipolar depression and paranoid personality disorder
  • cardiovascular problems or history of aneurysms
  • history of trauma or extreme abuse, please contact Elena before signing up


  • refrain from eating 2 hours prior to practice
  • if you choose to eat, please eat lightly because it will have an impact on your experience
  • wear loose, comfortable clothes
  • bring a water bottle and a journal
  • personal eye mask or eye covering is encouraged
  • bring an open heart

Investment: $45

* Cancellation policy applies (see website FAQs for details).

with Lisa McCaskill
Saturday, August 3

Join Lisa McCaskill, E-RYT 200 with special guest sound healer Rebecca Benedetti, for a restorative yoga class and crystal bowl sound healing. In addition to being a sound healer, Rebecca is a Reiki master, practitioner of shamanic energy medicine and a studying astrologer.

Restorative yoga helps bring balance to the body by lowering the heart rate, stimulating the immune system and keeping the endocrine system operating healthily. It also aids in the reduction of muscle tension, insomnia and generalized fatigue. The crystal bowls add an additional layer of relaxation by quieting brain activity and inducing a deep meditative state.

Class size is limited; please register in advance to secure your spot. Participants are encouraged to bring an eye pillow if they have one, all other props are provided. $25

* Cancellation policy applies (see website for details).

To learn more about Rebecca and the intention she brings to her events go to