Workshops, Special Classes & Events

with Nicole Nichols                 Saturday, February 24    2:00-4:30pm

71[1] Our series on the chakras continues with the third chakra. Join Nicole for a deep exploration of Manipura chakra, the center for personal power, the seat of the ego. This is the chakra where the energy for turning ideas into actions flows. Responsibility, self-confidence and humility are cultivated at this chakra, as are inactivity, self-doubt and arrogance. Finding balance in this chakra will allow us to harness energy for being positive and proactive in our lives. Fan the flames of the fire with pranayama and kriyas, and cool it down with a deep twisting asana practice to open and balance Manipura. We’ll examine the sources of wounding in this chakra, as well as healing practices. Step into your power and become the architect of your own destiny. All are welcome–if you missed the other workshops, jump in! It’s never too late to join the journey. $40. Register

with Ryan Roden-Corrent                                 Sunday, February 25    12:30-1:45pm

Introduction to Yoga Free ClassNew to yoga and not sure where to begin? Look no further–we’ll start by gaining a basic understanding of what yoga is; then add a simple introduction of poses, with basic alignment and breath awareness that will prepare you to embark on a regular yoga practice. 75 minutes. FREE to new students! *PLEASE NOTE: Space is limited to 10 students, and for that reason it is open to first-time students only. Register

with Alva Horton                       Saturday, March 3     2:00-4:00pm

personal brandingCalling all yoga teachers, makers, and artists! Join Alva Horton, the social media and marketing
expert behind Gingham Creative and learn how to develop and cultivate your personal brand, to turn every day into an opportunity to change the world in your own special way. In this 2-hour course, broken down into 3 30-minute sessions with discussion & refreshments in between, Alva will share the keys to business wins, and how to avoid business hiccups; and how to find a direction with which to propel your business further. Together we can start making kindness, creativity and
camaraderie the factors that make people famous.




Who are you? How do people see you? What makes you different? How will you change your world? You might already know all the answers for your business/product but have you evaluated and determined what will propel YOU forward?

Positive perceptions
Style analysis Goals


How do you captivate and inspire others? More than just having an Instagram, facebook or LinkedIn page…what scent
(metaphorically speaking) do you leave behind both digitally and in person?

Google search vs. reality
Visual identity Social media
Healthy habits


Consistency is key but so is authenticity. How do you balance the two while sharing your passions? Moreover, how do you stay sane and humble in your success and have perspective in your failures?

Action plan / road map
Keeping up
Leaving something to the imagination
Pushing boundaries

Attendees will walk away with:
– a clearer idea of the first impression they make
– a checklist of ideas on how to optimize social media
– a new roadmap to achieve personal, physical and professional goals

Investment: $125

What to bring: A laptop or tablet, pen and paper, business cards.
Only 12 spots available; please sign-up early to reserve yours. Register

ABOUT ALVA: With a classical education in Interior Design, Studio Art & Architectural History combined with over a decade of
experience in sales, marketing, and brand development, Alva began GINGHAM CREATIVE in 2013. Having worked and studied on both sides of the Atlantic, Alva maintains an international network of colleagues, freelancers, and marketing associates, helping her create sensational marketing footprints for businesses, individuals, and non-profit organizations alike. Throughout her career she has previously managed over 2000 accounts with clients as diverse as the US military and former professional athletes. Central to her belief in purpose over profit, she encourages her clients with the unwavering thought that the future is limitless when you are diligent, authentic & kind.

with Micha Federico                 Sunday, March 4    1:30-4:00pm

277[1]Worth: (def.) the value equivalent to that of someone or something under consideration; the level at which someone or something deserves to be valued or rated. The value of a human life is not measured by one’s waistline, hairline, bottom line; by one’s friends, or family; or by one’s education, work, or recreation. Each life is invaluable, including your own. If we subscribe to this belief then we must also apply it to ourselves unconditionally, with all our perfect imperfections. Self-worth theory asserts that a person’s ability to achieve is directly linked to their perceptions of themselves. Yet many of us struggle with self-worth, and have a hard time valuing ourselves, unconditionally. We are born and raised in a world that not only doesn’t support it, it encourages the complete opposite. The choice is and has always been yours. Will you love all of yourself? Will you see your own value in this world? Will you know your worth to be equal to that of all living beings, regardless of what others or society as a whole say? Join Micha Federico for an experiential workshop to choose self-love, reclaim self-worth, and honor the Divine that is you. We are spiritual-beings having a human experience. When we remember that, we can have more love, compassion and understanding for ourselves as ego-driven humans. This workshop will include yoga to get you out of your head and into your body; meditation to move you into your heart; experiential exercises to create clarity about your truth; and journaling to create a lasting impression. We will work alone and together to find a path toward self-love, and cultivate tools to keep us from falling back into old patterns. It’s a daily practice. One worthy of your time and attention…Love yourself first. Open to all. $40 Please bring a journal and a pen. Register

with Nicole Nichols & Alisha Nissenfeld              Tuesday, March 6    5:45-7:15pm

alishaandgong2This special class features hanting, meditation, and a slow-flow vinyasa practice, culminating in a 20-minute extended savasana with a gong bath played live by Alisha Nissenfeld. Of all the instruments used in sound healing, the Gong is perhaps the most powerful, and the most mysterious. Gong Meditations, also called Gong Baths, are deeply nourishing and restorative. The body and mind are able to relax and surrender to the healing energies of the Gong, allowing students to experience deep healing on all levels of being as vibrations pass over and through them–leaving them feeling balanced, peaceful, and light. Aaahhh… Regular class pricing applies ($16 drop-in or 1 from your class pack). We recommend that you reserve your spot in advance. Register

with Jennifer Campbell-Overbeeke               Saturday, March 10    11:00am-4:30pm

spring clearingLooking for a yoga retreat that doesn’t require travel or packing? Join Jennifer Campbell-Overbeeke, E-RYT500, YACEP and creator of “Campbell Yoga Retreats” for a full day of rejuvenation and restoration on the cusp of the Spring transition! Come move winter out of your bones with a skillful blend of invigorating Hatha yoga, rejuvenating yin and restorative, and peaceful yoga nidra. Leave your expectations at the door and allow yourself to settle into a day of transformative uninterrupted practice, community love and personal replenishment. All the best parts of a yoga retreat without the planning! What students can expect: An intelligent blend of strong hatha, yin and restorative asana to open the body, alleviate strain and restore peace and clarity. Yoga nidra for deep rest and rejuvenation (bring layers as the body temperature can drop during yoga nidra). Mantra and meditation to harness the transformative energy of the heart. The careful guidance and support of a seasoned teacher. Self investment: $108 (we recommend that you register ahead of time–space is limited). There will be time during the day for snacks, tea and conversation, please feel free to bring a treat. All are welcome. Register

with Cristina Lincoln                Sunday, March 11      1:30-3:30pm

Are you wishing you could be one of those yogis who effortlessly floats up into a handstand, but secretly terrified of falling? This workshop is for you! Safely explore the primary inversions—hand stand, forearm stand, head stand, and shoulder stand. Join Cristina Lincoln for a practice geared to help you overcome the fear and disorientation that often accompany inversion practice, and start enjoying the benefits of turning your world upside down on purpose–it’s fun!

Everyone will have a space to work at the wall; we’ll learn alignment principles and balance and strength-building techniques to develop a steady and joyful inversion practice. All are welcome, especially beginners, and experienced practitioners will learn advanced techniques. $35

with Lisa McCaskill & Dante Baker                Friday, March 16     6:30-8:00pm

singing bowls Join Lisa McCaskill with special guest Dante Baker, for a Friday night treat–90 minutes of candlelit restorative yoga with a Crystal and Tibetan singing bowl sound bath played throughout the entire practice by Dante. Discover the powerful and healing effects of singing bowls, and experience sounds that will re-harmonize the entire body. Allow the vibrations to soothe the mind, clear any blockages within the body and guide you into the present moment. Aaahh… Please wear loose comfortable clothing and bring an eye pillow if desired. All other props will be provided. Open to all! $20. Register

with Ronen Divon                  Saturday, March 17      2:00-4:00pm

Pranayama means “extension of the life force,” and is composed of two Sanskrit words: prana–life force, or vital energy, and ayāma–to extend or draw out. The breath is constantly fluctuating according to our mental, emotional and physical states; pranayama methods utilize the breath that flows through our nostrils and serves as a bridge between the conscious mind and the body.

In this two-hour workshop, join Ronen Divon and explore a host of breathing techniques, which may be applied to anything from yoga and meditation practices to everyday situations, to help cultivate and maintain serenity of mind.


Participants will:
– Learn breathing techniques proven to reduce stress and increase focus.
– Practice and have a chance to ask questions.
– Tap into internal and external sources of energy through the breath.

No previous experience with pranayama is needed, all are welcome. Please dress comfortably. $35

with Daphne Dodson                 Sunday, March 18      1:30-4:00pm

270[1]The Shadow is the hidden aspect of our personality that the ego, or most identifiable aspect, doesn’t want to acknowledge. It has both negative and positive qualities which we deny in ourselves. As a natural part of the personality, when denied, the Shadow may manifest in disagreeable ways, such as creating conflict in relationships with those we love.

The Shadow is one of many archetypes that can govern our lives. Archetypes are psychological patterns common to all of us as evidenced in myth, fairy tale, popular culture, and other genres. When we are able to recognize these patterns, we choose how they will influence our lives.

Join Dr. Daphne Dodson for a 2.5 hour interactive workshop beginning with discussion to identify archetypes in our culture, followed by a yoga practice inviting us to examine the archetypes currently present in our lives; in conclusion, we’ll explore ways to bring them into full awareness and functionality. All are welcome. $40.

with Prarna Desai & Alisha Nissenfeld        Tuesday, March 20    10:00-11:30am

Breath-and-Gong21-1200x444This special class features chanting, meditation, and a gentle yoga practice co-taught by Prana Desai and Alisha Nissenfeld, culminating in a 20-minute extended savasana with a gong bath played live by Alisha. Gong baths offer a deeply nourishing and restorative experience. The Gong vibrates at the same frequency as the body, allowing students to experience healing on all levels of being as vibrations pass over and through them–leaving them feeling balanced, peaceful, and light. During this relaxing and rejuvenating experience, students are supported comfortably with bolsters and blankets. Aaahhh… Regular class pricing applies ($16 to drop in, or 1 class from your class package). Class size is limited. We encourage you to reserve a spot in advance. Note the 90 minute duration. Register

with Nicole Nichols Saturday, March 24 2:30-5:00pm

81[1]Join Nicole as the journey through the chakras moves to the mid-point, Anahata, the heart chakra. This center is about balance, love and relationship. To heal the heart is to join together mind and body, the divine and the mundane, self and other, and to heal the dis-ease of disconnect. We are driven by love. The basic right of the fourth chakra at the heart is to love and be loved. In this class we will explore the theory behind the heart chakra, and examine the many ways the heart can be accessed, opened and healed, by attending to the most vulnerable and sacred aspects of ourselves. Once we can drop the protective armor that keeps us bound in the ego, through understanding, we can move forward fully and embrace life and love fearlessly, confidently, openly. This workshop will include a heart opening asana sequence, with discussion. Participation in the previous workshops is not required–all are welcome! Please bring a notebook and a pen. $40 Register

with with Daphne Dodson           Sunday, April 22      1:30-4:30pm

Biology and psychology experts alike recognize that our past experiences live within the body.
We need only consider how our senses, like hearing an old song, return our thoughts to a previous time. When these past experiences are unconscious, we are unaware of how they impact our moods, our actions, and even our mental and physical wellbeing.

Join Daphne Dodson, PhD., a qualitative research psycholigist, and return to influential past experiences via Imaginal Remembering. Deep connection with the body is a critical component of this unique and guided psychological journey that invites memories to be witnessed as wise and meaningful images of the soul. When we engage with memories as lively and responsive images, rather than fixed representations of the past they can bring gifts of personal transformation, deep healing, and resplendent creativity.

In this workshop, you will:
•Understand the basic science and philosophy behind approaching memories as mental images influencing and influenced by the past, present, and future selves.
•Flow through an asana practice specifically designed to engage the embodied, revealing vital memories and their effects.
•Meet your own memory-images with curiosity and openness, accepting their potential gifts of transformation, creativity, and

Open to all. $45

*Those who register by 4/15 will recieve a free copy of Imaginal Remembering, a $17.99 value!