Private sessions are a great way to build a strong foundation to then continue your practice at home or in a group class. Additionally, some students choose  them to be able to focus on particular parts of their practice for greater understanding and fulfillment. Sessions can be scheduled at your convenience with one of our talented teachers on staff.

Each session is customized to serve your individual needs and can include physical postures, specific sequences, breath work and meditation. Some benefits of private yoga include individual attention, addressing a specific health issue and working toward personal goals. 60, 75 & 90 minute sessions are offered.

We also offer semi-private sessions for 2-4 people.
Additionally, sessions for larger groups are available;  please contact the studio for details.

Prenatal Yoga

This style of class offers you an opportunity to slow down, cultivate mindfulness and release tension in your body and mind. This will allow for a more wholehearted connection to yourself and baby. Easeful movement is paired with stretching, strengthening, breathing, meditation and relaxation practices. This combination will aid in reducing stress, promoting comfort and preparing you for birth. Take time to celebrate this sweet experience and empower yourself to be well! Offered in 45 & 60 minute sessions.

Postnatal Yoga

This class is designed to help you reconnect with yourself and revitalize from pregnancy and birth. Through yogic practices that help to re-calibrate your relationship with your body, you’ll tap into your strength, vigor, flexibility and grace.  We’ll take time to tone essential areas and stretch out your back and hips which commonly experience discomfort in new motherhood. These sessions will help ease your transition into motherhood with more balance, patience and peace! Offered in 45 & 60 minute sessions.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is an individualized program that combines the vast philosophy, science and practices of yoga to empower you to experience greater well-being and improved quality of life. Students with health concerns such as pain, imbalance, dis-ease or stress are great candidates for Yoga Therapy.

In a Yoga Therapy program you will benefit from:

  1. A customized yoga experience designed to meet your needs.
  2. A committed yoga therapist who will support you, listen and encourage you to grow.
  3. Education on a wide spectrum of yogic practices including but not limited to: yoga education, asana alignment and technique, breathing practices, philosophy, chanting, relaxation and meditation.
  4. Feedback and suggestions for best practice methods. Including understanding safety of practice as it relates to your body and any health concerns.
  5. Opportunities to receive suggestions for home practice, pictures, articles, book recommendations, personalized sequences and/or videos of yogic practices.

For new Yoga Therapy students

Within 24 hours of booking your first session, you will be emailed a Health and Wellness Questionnaire which you will need to fill out and bring to your initial consultation. No electronic copies are allowed to protect your personal information.

Types of Sessions Offered & Duration

1st Appointment = Initial Consultation
2nd Appointment and all that come after = Followup Sessions
Both appointment types are 60 minutes.
In the event the student needs a reduced rate 45, minute session are available.

Add-on Services

Services included in the fee for Yoga Therapy: suggestions for home practice, pictures, articles and book recommendations.

Not Included: Personalized Sequences (meaning more than 5 postures) and yoga videos which require additional time and fees.