Fundamentals (Level 1). Recommended for those who are new to yoga or those who enjoy the nitty gritty of yoga.  Discover standing poses, forward bends and hip openers, back bends; learn the names of asanas, how to use props, breathing techniques, how to safely move into and out of a pose and step-by-step mechanics of flow. Expect a well-balanced class that you can build, from or maintain for years!  75 mins.

Gentle (Level 1). For all ages! Release, relax and rejuvenate in this class designed for all bodies! Perfect for anyone wishing to take a softer approach to asana practice. Easeful movement builds strength, flexibility and balance. Props are available for your support. 75 mins.

Gentle and Restorative Yoga (All levels). Release, relax, and rejuvenate in this part gentle, part restorative class designed for all bodies. Perfect for anyone looking for a softer and restful approach to asana practice. Slow easeful movements build strength, flexibility and balance while longer supported holds calm the nervous system and heal the body. A completely revitalizing experience. Aahhh… 75 mins.

Introduction to Yoga. New to yoga and not sure where to begin? Start by gaining a general understanding of what yoga is; then we’ll introduce some simple poses along with basic alignment and breath awareness. You’ll be ready to begin a regular yoga practice in classes that we’ll help you select. FREE to new students! 75 mins.

Prenatal Yoga. Prenatal yoga classes offer a sweet space to nurture your relationship with your growing baby. Curated sequences, modifications and meditations are developed for the specific needs of expectant mothers. Cultivate mindfulness and relaxation techniques that can be incorporated throughout your pregnancy and build energy and endurance while strengthening your body for labor and delivery. 75 mins.

Restorative Yoga (All levels). Restorative yoga postures are calming to the nervous system and healing to the body. With ample props for support, long holds in each posture and soothing sounds, this class is meant to offer each practitioner the space to relax and heal physically, mentally and emotionally. Aahhh…75 mins.

Yin Yoga and Pranayama (All levels). Yin Yoga is a more easeful and patient practice in which the muscles are relaxed, allowing for a release in the deeper web of connective tissue and fascia. Pranayama (breath) increases awareness and moves energy along the nadis; the energy channels. 90 mins.


A little about the Vinyasa style: This elegant and powerful presentation of Hatha Yoga seamlessly synchronizes breath and movement. The outer experience is one of changing physical shapes; the inner experience is stillness.

Vinyasa: Align & Flow (Level 1).  This Level-1 Vinyasa class is designed to develop your practice as you go beyond Basics.  Learn to transition from one pose to the next in conjunction with the breath, and enhance your relationship with Standing Poses, Forward Folds, Backbends and Surya Namaskar build upon physical principles with energetic alignment instruction. 75 mins.

Vinyasa: Yoga with Meditation (Level 1-2).  Flow at a slower pace, with attention to breath, focus, energy awareness and alignment. Expect a well-rounded sequence that will encourage and build your inner and outer strength through slow sequences that may include hip openers, side bending, and heart opening poses to prepare you to sit comfortably in a guided meditation practice at the end of class. 75 mins.

Vinyasa (All Levels). Recommended for those with some vinyasa experience; open to all. A full-spectrum flow practice including backbends, arm balances and inversions. Variations are offered for both newer and more advanced students. 75/90 mins

Vinyasa: Perfect Hour (All Levels).  This comprehensive class has all you need, in a condensed format. Expect a thorough and well-edited asana sequence including sun salutations, standing and seated poses, back bending, inversions—get it all in at the end of the day, and still have time for your evening! 60 minutes.

Vinyasa (Level 2). Recommended for those with vinyasa experience. Strong (faster) flow practice, including breath-awareness, arm balances, and inversions. Variations are offered for more or less challenge. Expect a deep and well-rounded practice that will leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated inspired and sweaty! Not recommended for brand new beginners. 90 minutes.