Vinyasa (All Levels). Recommended for those with some vinyasa experience. A full-spectrum flow practice including backbends, arm balances and inversions. Variations are offered for both newer and more advanced students. 60/75 mins

Vinyasa – Slow Flow (Level 1-2). Flow at a slower pace, with a gentle and vibrant exploration of the vinyasa practice focused on synchronizing breath with movement, attention to alignment, and gearing toward developing inner stillness, focus and concentration. 75 mins.

Beginner’s Vinyasa (Level 1). New to yoga or some yoga experience and ready to flow? This class incorporates simple poses into a slow vinyasa flow that synchronizes breath and movement, with special attention to alignment and using props to enhance the experience. Perfect for those new to yoga, and anyone wishing to move at a mindful pace while continuing to learn the basics. 60 mins.

Yin / Yang (Level 1). This class begins with gentle, active (yang) movement to help settle the mind, calm the nervous system, and gently release tension from the body. The slow, mindful movement allows for more physical and mental ease in the passive, longer-held Yin poses (3-5 mins) that follow. Mindfulness meditation is offered with the Yin poses, allowing for an inward focus of compassionate attention. Suitable for all levels. 60 mins.

Gentle (Level 1). For all ages! Release, relax and rejuvenate in this class designed for all bodies! Perfect for anyone wishing to take a softer approach to asana practice. Easeful movement builds strength, flexibility and balance. Props are available for your support. Suitable for all levels. 75 mins.

A little about the Vinyasa style: This elegant and powerful presentation of Hatha Yoga seamlessly synchronizes breath and movement. The outer experience is one of changing physical shapes; the inner experience is stillness.