“I would highly recommend Republic of Yoga 200HR Teacher Training. Completing this program has completely changed my personal yoga practice, with newfound understandings of the philosophy, physics, and spiritual foundations of yoga. Nicole and her carefully curated team offer such a wide breadth of knowledge, experience, and wholehearted intention of teaching this sacred practice to all. There is so much to learn, this practicum has provided a well-rounded and thorough baseline in which to grow and develop as a yogi and human being.”

C.J. – Republic of Yoga 2020 Graduate

“I have practiced yoga for a long time and for years had thought about doing the TT program at Republic of Yoga.  I always had one excuse or another as to why it wasn’t a good year to do it.  I finally decided to do it and about two months into it I was faced with a major life decision.  My first instinct was to play it safe, as I always do, and stick it out in a situation I wasn’t happy with.  It was an appropriate time for me to be in TT because the teachings were a reminder to me that I can’t pass along the teachings if I didn’t also practice them myself.  I don’t like change but I took a leap of faith and without a net or a plan.  I strongly believe that you are where you are when you need to be there.   Being emerged in TT gave me the courage I needed to make the change and also the bonus of the support of some wonderful women in the program with me.
Four years later I am so much happier with where I am!  The road took a couple of turns for me but at the end of it I am in such a better place!  Had I not been in TT and taken the nudge to make a change I had been struggling with for a long time I would have never ended up where I am today.  I look back now, especially with the way things turned out in 2020, and thank God that I made the decision back then when I did.  I even wish I had done it all sooner!  If you’re thinking about doing the training stop making excuses and just do it!  There is no time like the present!  You never know where it might take you!”

J.B. – Republic of Yoga 2017 TT Graduate

Despite having to deal with COVID inflicted difficulties, Nicole and Julie quickly adapted and tailored the program to online studies.  I feel like we didn’t skip a beat.  The program has a very thought-through structure focused not only on the physical aspects but on studying the Yoga philosophy, so we as yoga teachers can speak intelligently on spirituality and the subtle body.  I whole heartedly recommend the 200-Hour training with Republic of Yoga to those willing to explore and gain a solid foundation on a journey to become a yoga teacher.”

A.B. – Republic of Yoga 2020 TT Graduate

Republic of Yoga’s Teacher Training program provides a deep dive into not only the full 8 limbed path of yoga, but also an introduction into Tibetan Buddhist principles that parallel the yogic path. Nicole Nichols is a wonderful teacher, herself a life-long student who teaches with sincerity and enthusiasm. Her students can’t help but be inspired to take a deep dive along with her and continue to pursue the path that she sets. It was a life changing experience, and I look forward to continuing my yogic journey. It is an amazing program!”

T.W. – Republic of Yoga 2019 TT Graduate

Nicole Nichols is an inspiration. I specifically chose to study with her because she not only lives what she teaches but she is also a teacher who is constantly studying and learning. During the Yoga Teacher Training she dives into every aspect of yoga and is able to authentically relate to each of her students so they can truly understand and apply the material. I would without a doubt recommend and encourage delving into a teacher training taught by Nicole Nichols.”

K.D. – Republic of Yoga 2017 TT Graduate

“The 200 hour teacher training at Republic of Yoga, Cary is a program that prepares a future yoga teacher with an in depth knowledge of yoga as an entire system. It’s an authentic presentation of teaching of yoga as more than just asana. Nicole Nichols, founder and owner of the school brings passion, knowledge, and immense experience to our community of students and teachers here in the Triangle. Her faculty in the 200 hour program was well prepared and delivered key teachings in a fun, relatable way. It’s an honor to have learned from her. There is a strong focus on alignment, teaching assists, and the subtle body that is incomparable to other programs.”

P.D. – Republic of Yoga 2016 Graduate