This is my second 200-hour YTT and I am so grateful to have had this experience. Nicole is very
committed to the ancient teachings of yoga and wants to pass on the authenticity of the practice.  She
offers a what I think is, a holistic & 360-degree overview into yoga, where you learn more than the “whats”, but the “hows” and “whys”.  With her no-nonsense, in-depth, open and fun approach, we learned the physical practice and assisting, meditation, key philosophical principles married with Buddhist philosophy, functional anatomy and subtle body physiology, teaching methodology…and so much more.
With the excellent teaching and support throughout the training, we were given the skills, knowledge and confidence required to grow into steady practitioners and inspiring teachers and in turn, to serve our future students. It was a fantastic experience and I will always be grateful for my teachers and their way of pushing me, opening me and challenging my self-imposed limits. 🙂  Thank you RoY! -SH 2017

 Republic of Yoga’s 200-hour Teacher Training Program is a very well organized program and I would recommend this to anyone looking to become a yoga teacher or to someone who wants to deepen their own practice.  I went into this training with no intentions of becoming a yoga teacher as I only wanted to learn and deepen my own practice however, with all of the information I have learned, I feel inspired to share it with others and knowing that I have the knowledge and tools to teach is surely a bonus. I feel extremely lucky to have learned from Nicole Nichols and all of the
other Teacher Training Teachers in this program.
The experience has been amazing and I am so grateful.  I will continue to carry this newly attained knowledge throughout my entire life.  Thank you!! TM, Cary, NC 2017

In short, teacher training with Nicole at Republic of Yoga has changed my life. I have always believed that the best things in life don’t walk in through the front door but somehow make it in through the cracks. That is exactly what happened for me with teacher training. I signed up because my gut told me to sign up. It made almost no sense because my practice was iffy at best. I also was just weeks away from a major orthopedic surgery and had no idea how I was going to actually do it. I took comfort because Nicole was so nurturing and encouraging about my situation. Yes, my practice has changed. Yes, I am a better yogi. But the biggest change is in me as a person. Teacher training has changed the way I see the world. It has broadened my horizons and taught me if I can do a handstand–even an assisted one, then I can do anything. -BG, 2017

Going into TT  I had only one question…Would I be able to apply all that I had learned and actually teach yoga when it was all done? The answer is YES! I arrived at this answer only because of how precise and detailed Nicole was in her instruction. I want to make special mention of her
presentation of sequences; unpacking them step by step, asana by asana, breath by breath and finally, at the time of instruction, encouraging her students to do the same. In that way she instilled confidence from the very beginning. “You know this,” she said. It made all the difference to me then and now I can say “yes, I do know this.”
AF, Cary NC, 2017

“The 200 hour teacher training at Republic of Yoga, Cary is a program that prepares a future yoga teacher with an in depth knowledge of yoga as an entire system. It’s an authentic presentation of teaching of yoga as more than just asana. Nicole Nichols, founder and owner of the school brings passion, knowledge, and immense experience to our community of students and teachers here in the Triangle. Her faculty in the 200 hour program was well prepared and delivered key teachings in a fun, relatable way. It’s an honor to have learned from her. There is a strong focus on alignment, teaching assists, and the subtle body that is incomparable to other programs.” -PD, Cary, NC 2016

“It has changed my life – would highly recommend this to anyone!!” -KL, Cary, NC 2016

“Republic of Yoga Teacher Training program is a comprehensive study of the core principles of Hatha Yoga. Nicole Nichols’ breadth of experience as both a teacher and a spiritual aspirant, as well as her ability to share her knowledge and insight, provides a solid and enriching foundation on which to begin on the path to being a teacher and a steady practitioner of Yoga.” -EK, Durham, NC 2016

“The teacher training program at Republic of Yoga is wonderful! I am thankful each day that I had the opportunity to study under Nicole and the teachers at Republic of Yoga. In a society that is so focused on the physical aspect of Yoga, I feel very lucky to have found a teacher training that goes so far beyond that into the spiritual and philosophical teachings.” -AB, San Francisco, CA 2016

“I was one of Nicole Nichols’ many students in New York City. When she opened Republic of Yoga in Cary, North Carolina, I relocated to attend her teacher training. Upon completion, I have decided to remain in North Carolina in part to continue my yoga education with Nicole and the lovely Republic of Yoga teacher/student community. As a graduate of the Republic of Yoga teacher training, I feel confident to take the seat of the teacher and safely share this beautiful practice with new students and those deeply familiar. Particularly outstanding was how accessible Nicole and each guest teacher made themselves throughout the training for review or questions. Beautiful studio.” -BMR, Durham, NC 2015

“This has been a life-changing experience. The training at RoY is rigorous, cohesive, effectively sequenced, and geared towards generating the practical skills of leading a yoga class. Nicole Nichols and visiting faculty offer a comprehensive primer on sequencing, philosophy, ethics, functional anatomy, assists, and teaching methodology. The practice of teaching is emphasized throughout the training.” -DM, Cary, NC 2015

“I reviewed several YTT programs before I selected Republic of Yoga. I am very happy with the choice I made. The training was exactly what I was looking for and more, in a YTT school. Highly recommend!” -DC, Raleigh, NC 2015

“I would not be the teacher I am today had it not been for [Nicole’s] expert guidance. She helped me to refine my teaching skills and instilled in me a confidence I had never known before. Also, her profundity and humor are absolutely infectious. She has touched my life, both personally and professionally, in a deep and powerful way for which I am ever indebted. She is truly a teacher’s teacher.” -JRG, New York, NY

“Nicole Nichols at Republic of Yoga provides a very thorough basis for understanding yoga philosophy and the “why” of yoga practice. She passionately teaches her extensive knowledge of assists and yoga methodology. Republic of Yoga’s teacher training emphasizes propriety and respect of students, assists for all students, safety in the yoga class, and compassion for students.” RC, Cary, NC

“Nicole was my mentor in the Jivamukti apprenticeship program in New York in [a mentored 500-hr yoga teacher training]. It was an incredible gift to study with Nicole as my closest teacher. Her sophisticated and deeply intelligent teaching style continues to inspire my classes every day.” -TS, Brooklyn, NY

“I want to reiterate how much I loved the TT I received from Nicole. Before TT, my practice had gotten so stale and I was just focusing on exercising. Now I have an understanding of the subtle body, the koshas…I can read ‘Light On Yoga’ and grasp the concepts. Now when I’m exercising or playing golf for that matter or surfing I can relate it to the things you crystallized for me. Thanks Nicole.” -SG, Moncure, NC

“Some teacher trainers get it. Some don’t. Nicole Nichols is the real deal. Provided you fully commit, you will emerge from the training as a Yoga teacher that truly gets it too. At some point during your training…you will confront that demon that holds you back from becoming your true, authentic, perfectly-flawed and lovable self. Spiritual warriors thrive in this environment. However, if you see yoga as primarily exercise, this may not be the training you seek.” -MD, Cary, NC

“I owe a great deal to Nicole Nichols. She provided me with the opportunity to claim my birthright–a meaningful life of happiness, rich with discovery and an upward evolutionary spiral. As a teacher she is top-notch. She is a master of asana, the nuances of ethical behavior all the way up to the esoteric practices that bring about radical change quickly. Consider yourself extremely fortunate if you have met her, and are given the opportunity to study with her. Your world will never be the same. You have met the best there is.” -SM, New York, NY