Full Moon Yin
with Lisa McCaskill
Monday, January 15  6:30-7:45pm

Join Lisa McCaskill for a Yin yoga class aligned with the energy of the full moon. The January Full Wolf Moon is a time for deep introspection; particularly around the area of home and family as this full moon takes place in the water sign of Cancer deep into the season of Winter. A Yin practice during this time provides a wonderful opportunity to take your attention inward; allowing for the honing of intentions for home and family as well as ideas about them that no longer serve and can be released.

This Yin class will begin with a few minutes of mindfulness meditation to center the attention followed by instruction in Chandra Bhedana (moon piercing) pranayama; a gentle breathing practice to help shift your energy into the lunar/yin side of the body. Once centered and grounded in the lunar energy, the class will move into a Kidney Meridian sequence, aligning with the water element as well as the season of Winter. Class will conclude with a guided visualization full moon meditation, dropping you into a deep place of rest for Shavasana.

Come prepared with ideas for your intentions for home and family as we will use these as inquiry meditations during some of the Yin poses. $25

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Sacred Sound Ceremony
with Garth Roberston
Friday, January 21  7:00-8:30pm

Join Garth Robertson for a sound ceremony using global instruments including guitar, overtone singing, chimes, Tibetan Bowls, Quartz bowls, flute, gong, frame drum, tuning forks and didgeridoo. This is a journey through the senses and elements, which will leave you feeling both grounded and expansive. We request that participants be at least 16 years of age. Reserve your spot early–this event sells out! $30

NOTE: For this experience, participants will lie on the floor. The studio has an abundance of props to make this very comfortable such as yoga mats, blankets and bolsters. We encourage you to dress comfortably and warmly–wear loose or stretchy clothing, socks and if you wish, bring an eye pillow.

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Tai Chi 4-Week Series
with Jasmine Yiping Nee
Wednesdays, Jan 26, Feb 2, 9, 16 6:30-7:30pm

Tai Chi is a gentle form of exercise that can help maintain strength, flexibility, and balance, and could be the perfect activity for the rest of your life.


Tai Chi imparts mind and body health benefits including:

• better sleep
• improved immune function
• balance which prevents falls
• clarity and enhanced focus
• greater endurance
• stress reduction
• eases depression and anxiety
• develops a sense of calm and belonging in the world.

The only way to truly experience the benefits of this wonderful practice and feel better is to actually practice tai chi!

Join Jasmine to learn the techniques and forms of Tai Chi, and practice the essence of Tai Chi movement–Qigong. Tai Chi is an internal martial art known for its slow and smooth movements. Qigong is a technical system that emphasizes posture, breathing and meditation. Each one is a basic part of Tai Chi practice.

In this 4-week course you will develop an understanding of how to control your movements through breathing, and learn the important elements of rooting, walking and sinking as well as complete routines.

Tai Chi is a low-impact practice with little pressure placed on muscles and joints, and is safe for people of all ages and fitness levels. $60

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