4-Week Beginner’s Series
with Kaitlyn Shaker
Wednesdays, 5/18, 5/25, 6/1, 6/8  6:30-7:45PM

Join Kaitlyn Shaker for a 4-week series designed for new yoga students. Whether you are brand new to yoga, an athlete who’s never practiced yoga, want to gain some flexibility and get in shape, or are recovering from an injury, come start at the very beginning!

Learn the alignment and techniques for asanas including standing poses, forward bends and hip openers, twists, back bends and basic inversions, with breath work; and then learn to put it all together. We’ll discuss the background of yoga, how to modify poses to suit your needs, how to use props, and how to meditate.


Each week you’ll learn new poses and how to put them together, along with variations. By week four, the class will resemble an open yoga class, to give you an idea of what to expect in studio classes.

After completing the full series, you’ll have tools to participate in any yoga class with knowledge and confidence. All are welcome! $60

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Pilates 4-Week Morning Series
with Amy Murray
Fridays, 5/20, 5/27, 6/3, 6/10  7:15-8:00AM

Jump start your morning with a core work out. Join Amy Murray for a 4-week Pilates mat series. With focus on the core of the body the rest can move freely, making your body stronger inside and out. Through this balance of strength and flexibility, muscles become stronger and leaner.

A perfect companion to your yoga practice, this class will leave you feeling stronger, taller and energized! No experience necessary. $50

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The Art of Inversion
with Shannon Durham
Saturday, May 21   4:00-5:30pm

Are you wishing you could be one of those yogis who effortlessly floats up into a handstand, but secretly terrified of falling? This workshop is for you! Safely explore the primary inversions-hand stand, forearm stand, head stand, and shoulder stand. Join Jessica Stickler for a practice geared to help you overcome the fear and disorientation that often accompanies inversion practice, and discover the benefits of these magnificent poses. Everyone will have a space to work at the wall; you’ll learn alignment principles and balance and strength-building techniques to develop a confident inversion practice. All are welcome, especially beginners. $35

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Release & Restore
with Jane Thibodeau
Sunday, May 22   4:00-5:15pm

Jane Thibodeau is back for a special class that combines the use of therapeutic massage balls with restorative yoga to relieve tension and soothe the nervous system. This 90-minute session will address areas of chronic pain including hips, neck, shoulders and lower back.

Students will be guided through self-myofascial release techniques using various sizes of therapy balls. Each provides a unique size and density to help target different areas of the body and allow for varying pressure to create a personalized self-massage to meet each student’s individual needs.

After working with the therapy balls, students will be guided through a complementary restorative yoga sequence to relax, rest and reset. All levels welcome. No experience with yoga or massage balls needed. All props will be provided. Tight clothing is recommended for use with massage balls. Space is limited, we encourage you to reserve your spot early! $35

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Lighten Up! A Bandha Workshop
with Joan Varini
Saturday, June 4   3:00-4:30pm

The unifying state of yoga is obtained through awareness and proper use of yogic tools such as Pranayama and Bandhas. Bandhas are internal energetic and physical pranic locks or mechanisms through which prana is harnessed and moved. Through mental focus, breath control, and the awareness of Bandhas, we create lightness in our physical, mental and emotional bodies which can help us attain a more fluid practice.
In this workshop we will perform traditional Bandha awareness and strengthening postures as well as conditioning exercises for an enhanced connection to our internal muscular and energetic stamina and control. We will enhance our Bandha power by learning how to move energy (prana) through Pranayama and endurance exercises.

Although this workshop is open to all levels, some yoga experience is encouraged due to the depth of physical awareness needed to comprehend these more subtle yet powerful concepts. $35

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Sacred Sound Ceremony
with Garth Robertson
Friday, June 10   6:45-8:15pm

Join Garth Roberston for a sound ceremony using global instruments including guitar, overtone singing, chimes, Tibetan Bowls, Quartz bowls, flute, gong, frame drum, tuning forks and didgeridoo. This is a journey through the senses and elements, which will leave you feeling both grounded and expansive. We request that participants be at least 16 years of age. Reserve your spot early–this event sells out! $30

NOTE: For this experience, participants will lie on the floor. The studio has an abundance of props to make this very comfortable such as yoga mats, blankets and bolsters. We encourage you to dress comfortably and warmly–wear loose or stretchy clothing, socks and if you wish, bring an eye pillow.

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